Flora Wedding Photo Album by Midwest
Square Window Front - Size Large

This is a size large album cover and inserts. This album measures 13 7/8" x 12 1/4" and is available in several colors listed below and will allow for prints up to 10" x 10" and a wide variety of print combinations per mat all the way down to 2" x 3" photos (see mat choices). This cover includes a square photo window where you can install a photo of size approximately 4"x4". Thickness of the final album depends on the number of inserts you are configuring it for.

You select the color of your cover, inserts, and the insert's edge accent color. See drop-down menus for options available. Black inserts with black edges are pictured.

Personalize your cover with imprinting in black, silver, gold, or blind embossing. Common imprinting are the couple's names and wedding/event date, as well as the option to imprint a cover phrase such as "Our Wedding". Placement of the names/date is normally in the lower right corner but can vary depending on how much imprinting is submitted and on which style cover it's being done. All imprinting on a cover is done in a single color that you select (gold, silver, black, or blind embossed).

Important Ordering Notes

1. Production time is normally 6-8 weeks. Orders cannot be rushed or cancelled. Please be prepared for the album to require this time plus shipping time. Times may flucuate depending on workload.

2. PRICING - Use drop-down menus to configure pricing for your album and your selections.

3. Albums are ordered by the quantity of sides. Each side requires a mat to complete it, so your number of mats needs to match your number of sides in your album. We do no use the term "pages" in the process due to differing interpretations of what a "page" is (one side or two).

wedding photo album oval window

To the right, you'll see what are referred to as "inserts". These components fit into your cover to hold the "mats" which are the component that hold your photos and are also shown in the photo here. One mat slides into each side of the insert after attaching your photos to it.

Ash shown, inserts are available in a variety of color combinations such as:

  • Black insert with black mylar edges & corners
  • Black insert with gold mylar edges & corners
  • Black insert with silver mylar edges & corners
  • Pearl insert with gold mylar & corners
STEP 1: Using the form below, make your selections and add the cover to your shopping cart.
STEP 2: Using the separate imprinting form below, add optional imprinting to the shopping cart.
STEP 3: Order your mats in the color of your preference and in a size that matches the album size you are ordering. CLICK HERE TO GO TO MATS
wedding album inserts
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Imprint Names - $22.95 Imprint Date - $22.95 Imprint Monogram- $22.95
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    MONOGRAM NOTE: Monograms should be entered in this order: bride's first initial, your married last name initial, groom's first initial.