The #1 question for album companies is "What is a page?" There is much confusion about what a page actually is because so often the term is used incorrectly.

According to the Webster Dictionary:

Page (noun). 1. One side of a leaf of a book, newspaper, letter, etc.

Leaf (noun) 1. A sheet of paper (or similar material) as part of a book with a page on each side.

How does this apply to an album?

Answer: Just as it would to regular books, newspapers, magazines, etc. If you open a book and look at the page numbers, you'll see (with exceptions of special sections that may appear in the front and back) that there is one page number on the front side of the paper and another number on the back side of the paper. The reason is that each side of the paper is a "page". The actual paper is NOT a page. It's called a leaf.

Album interiors are the same as books. The front side is one page, and the back side is one page. Because there is so much confusion about "pages", you'll find that our albums are sold in terms of number of "sides" in order to reduce any confusion (a page is a side). Albums have one side on the front and one side on the back. For matted albums, each side requires one mat.