Teach Me Album Ordering
Welcome to our concise lesson on ordering an album. If you spend just a few minutes reviewing this info, it will certainly answer many questions and help offer you confidence while ordering your album.

Ordering a complete album only requires two steps which we will outline here:

Step 1: Ordering your album cover
The cover of your wedding album is the exterior binding that holds everything together. Covers are available in a variety of colors and designs and will vary between manufacturers. Covers also have options of imprinting - which includes design work, names, monograms, and dates on the front of an album cover.


Covers are available in several sizes in terms of height and width. The larger the album, the larger the prints it will hold. Another benefit to larger albums is that you have more mat options that allow more options for placing multiple prints per page. See mat collections for specifics on sizing options.


STEP 2: Ordering Your Mats
This is a must in order to have a complete matted album. Without mats, your album is incomplete and will not hold prints. The mat options available to you depends on the size album you order and the brand you are ordering. Larger albums have more options than smaller albums. Components from different brands cannot be mixed.

To help ensure you arrive at the correct mat collection, use the link in the "Step 2" line on the album ordering page. You will do this after placing your cover in the shopping cart. Just make sure that you then select the same size and color mats as the album sides you ordered. For example, if you ordered a Large album with black interior pages, make sure you order Large mats that are black in color. For Renaissance albums, you have a choice in color for the embossed line aroudn the photos. You'll most likely want that to match your page-edge color.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON QUANTITY: Order the same number of mats as you did sides in your cover. Each side requires 1 mat.

If you are seeking archival tape for your album assembly, be sure to check our accessory section.